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I was founded in 2002, is an advanced equipment and technology innovation of the modern digital printing factory. The company mainly engaged in all kinds of inkjet photo processing, the stage background frame structures, all kinds of exhibition equipment. Has formed a complete production system.
My company has a new inkjet printer mimaki jv33 outdoor oily, multiple indoor inkjet printer HP, 3.2 m wide at outdoor inkjet printers, as well as multiple laminating machine, the company set typesetting, printing, photo printing, site installation and after-sales as a whole, can to provide customers with a variety of indoor and outdoor advertising printing processing services.
We adopt advanced design and technology, to undertake KTD sheet, PVC sheet, Andy boards, light film, thick adhesive PP, paper, import removable adhesive, water-based ultra-transparent adhesive, removable dedicated elevator gum, outdoor light cloth, canvas, silk cloth, pictorial cloth, posters PP board, X exhibition stand dedicated PVC, safety flooring, paper KT board, high density cold laminating board, KT board and other types of printing products processing; while I Companies can also post-production other products, such as indoor and outdoor advertising installation, supermarkets collage paintings, hotel conference background frame, stage truss structures and so on. Our slogan is, as long as you want to, we will certainly do to. Our vision is based on advanced equipment, first-class quality, excellent service, for customers to win market for us to win reputation. .
Main: Guangzhou Tianma Printing Co., Andy boards, Panyu inkjet company, Roll, X banner stand, light cloth paper backing slides, truss stage rental, high-precision inkjet process, KT panels, 24 hours service hotline 020-84857348, display equipment, mesh, synthetic fabrics, silk raw silk, direct injection pvc film, advertising and promotion, posters, PP glue, gum, light film, transparent adhesive, digital printing, wholeheartedly serve you services to ensure the delivery and quality of new and old customers to inquire and negotiate, we will be happy to provide you with the best quality service!
Main: Guangzhou Panyu Colors Digital Printing Service Co., Ltd. Was established in 2003,

after more than seven of tempered spring and autumn, after all my colleagues to

work together and actively fight, has developed into a certain size, set advertising

design, computer Penhua, venue layout, exhibition, stage activities, construction

layout and other large billboard advertising for the integrated production company

Inkjet type of material is complete: such as paper, gum, light box film, light cloth,

full and transparent film, transparent gum, single-transparent paste, net cloth, synthetic fabric, canvas cloth, silk raw silk, gold foil

silver foil paper. injection pvc film. injection kt boards, display panels, Roll,

X exhibition shelves. Arranged to meet diverse customer needs.Panyu yuncai

Digital Printer

High-precision indoor and outdoor inkjet, roll up, display panels, gum, paper, cloth lights, billboards, Showcase, X display rack,

KT board, light boxes, vehicle stickers, activity planning,

listed on the licensing legislation draw, hanging draw, draw Lightbox shelters,

subway Lightbox draw, draw propaganda advertisement,

exhibition equipment exhibition mall
poster kt board PVC free foam board Andy board KT board