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Guangzhou high-quality inkjet company special supply massive simulation inkjet canvas, abstract oil painting

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  • Type:    Simulation painting
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Simulation of high quality low price oil painting wholesale European procurement market hotel decorative painting decorative painting mural painting simulation HD waterproof sunscreen cotton canvas oil painting, oil painting, this is the hotel decorative painting decorative painting murals HD simulation Continental waterproof sunscreen cotton canvas oil painting

Forbidden high imitation painting

Skill in the use of digital and nano completion silk rice paper presents China ancient famous painting, high imitation character class, so David reproduction!'s National Palace Museum for three nights, chewing brilliant, is treasured, not beautiful to watch, a great choice of gifts !


  Western decoration painting

Western painters from classic and popular for. Dismissed the original entrance painting core, primary lines, mounting large elegant, unique chew properly reveal all sorts of high-end interior space! Western decoration painting with teacher look like amateur kingdom selected from the Western classics and popular paintings, subject matter and style manly manly style and diverse, such as the Northwest Asian style, bohemian, and Western mix, the new Chinese, European classical, Western Market prevalence of falls and other manly manly style style, and nowadays custom blend indoor going mainstream. Dismissed the top manufacturers supply lines overseas organized processing framed, manufacturing processes Ximorujin, and strive in the product details on cell volume and intend to have a big Yamo shown. Amateur supplied with paintings of doing things, focused plan for the interior division, hostels, trade space, model homes, private mansion supply complete customized solutions. High imitation imitation oil painting famous museums abroad in full accordance with the supply of original manufacture, the total number of more than ten thousand copies. Downwind is the biggest relative honesty in the original style, texture clear, perhaps more truly can reproduce the original artistic achievements, rated Art lovers appropriate copying, collection and decoration bedroom, well overseas and foreign arts enthusiasts greeted.

    1 oil (Matte): dismissed environmental oily ink inlet, the original entrance print configuration, 1440DPI printing, waterproof sunscreen, water will not soak gaffe, color chaos.

   2 Giclee (Matte): Extended color, dismissed the fundamental source mounted at the entrance dull, green resin waterproof ink, 2880DPI, 11-color print, the full amount of raw materials used to meet Western environmental requirements, Britain at the end SGS environmental protection test.

  Our aim is: "doing things to be more simple, innocent tune with your trust and support, mutual benefit and win-win!"




Hand-painted: oil painting, acrylic painting, egg tempera.

Spray Printing: yarn photos, personal private photo, copy painting, interior decoration, fairs field placement, merchandise reveal scenery, lintels, shutter, retail signage, company profiles, posters, room table confession box.


Press material can be divided into: linseed oil on canvas, cotton canvas cloth, chemical fiber (polyester) canvas, cotton, linen (55% linen, 45% cotton) Canvas, other materials canvas.


Canvas: a specific substrate coated cloth to avoid oil, solvents, water seeping foundation coating, used to draw paintings [1] of the cloth.

Oil cloth material and foundation coating
Used inkjet, photo, room table confession, boxes, etc., also known as canvas coated fabric

Functional requirements

Hand-painted canvas: Size is not chaos, stretch weak, texture clear foundation without cracking, long and strong, good weather resistance, width thickness, tight rich, smooth light, flexible, anti-attack attack, feather grain knot less porosity, rating agencies, satiation painting, on canvas collection subsistence requirements.

Inkjet canvas fabric: light flatness, light degree, wove, coating fastness, coating pinholes, curl, water, for oily, water-based dye and pigment ink absorption Penetrating, inkjet printing of degrees.

Confession room table, light box cloth and other requirements of the substrate strength, coating weatherability.

Materials Category

Canvas do not have the same general bleaching and dyeing processor reward and punishment reward and punishment, nervous damage its strength and lasting functionality.

Linen high strength, elongation, resistance fall, easy to mold, anti-dirt, scattered wet fast. Linens size is not chaos, life lasting, is the traditional compact canvas substrate. Preparation of hemp fiber based essentials difference was heated bright yellow linen (soaked in water retting) and blue gray rain Ma (Country rain frost retting) of the points. Because coarse texture, feather and more inkjet inappropriate use.

Linseed oil on canvas colors and details
Rain Ma is a high character flax, referring to France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other Western European consumption of flax planting area. After harvesting flax seedlings mature rolled into bundles and placed the country field, after rain weathered wooden Stick local victory, carding lost missing suppress cortical gray hemp bast fibers.

Rain sesame oil on canvas colors and details
Ya Xiabu size is not chaos, high strength, resistant to moisture corrosion easy to mold hard brittle life lasting, elongation minimal force to continue the next few loose, scouring flexibility, anti-attack attack, the buffer force can adapt paint painting layer stretching, can be rolled into operation, superior to other materials, is the most fit oil painting base. Linseed oil on canvas has been operating for centuries tradition.

Jute color brown, also has to do a traditional canvas. Because of stiff fibers only appropriate to do very thick big canvas. Because coarse texture, feather and more inkjet inappropriate use.

Jute canvas colors and details
Marijuana ramie color of the white, yellow and white. Also has as a canvas into chaos, lasting sex. Because coarse texture, feather and more inkjet inappropriate use.

Eve sesame oil on canvas colors and details
When used in hand-painted cotton, tight sturdy cotton canvas fabric nonvolatile missing in the era often used as a canvas painter, but because of its perishable, easy to mold, damp hard rigid, continue breakdowns defect to bring a lot of trouble impasse painter . When used in inkjet canvas, good texture.

Cotton canvas canvas colors and details
Chemical fiber (polyester) with sophisticated features as the canvas, the defect is large embrittlement about the future, and no painter like fabric texture. Suitable for inkjet canvas operations.

Chemical fiber (polyester) canvas colors and details
Linen and cotton blended cotton linen scraps substrate, with details pale sallow, no light, full of scales set black, brown and brown dots. Low strength, easy lax. Presented in recent cloth, character coarse times expensive.

Linen Cotton (blended) canvas colors and details
Colours Digital Printing



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