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Roll (Chinese mainland, said: Roll in Hong Kong, said: Easy Rolls) or called poster frames, display stand, is to establish a style propaganda posters, common in the streets with heavy pedestrian traffic channel to assist the self-employed roadshow marketing activities, or temporary stalls. "Easy Rolls" is a term in Hong Kong, meaning that a pull to become a poster frame.
Roll main material is plastic or aluminum. Roll alternative is street banners, knife flags, posters, stickers and so on.
Roll the structure is a floor standing reel, from the ground up is an application shrinking columns, capitals have a buckle, when used by a vertical scroll bar pull a poster, attracting the attention of passers-by.
Roll for conferences, exhibitions, sales promotion and other occasions, is the most frequently used and most common one portable exhibition.
Material: steel, aluminum, photo paper
Generally at the bottom of a drum roll, there are springs, advertising screen when not rewind the roll. Need to use the time to pull out the cloth with a stick in the back, you can use the live support. When you need to use roll, according to the following steps:
A. The "roll up" foot rotated to 90 degrees or so, facing down.
B. The "roll up" scrolls the tabs on the sticky paper thrown off, the pictures do the alignment paste justified on the straight, flat to make up.
C. The paintings of the plastic cover is open at one end, out of the middle of hard plastic core bar (with one cm wide double-sided adhesive strip affixed to the hard plastic core on the back edge of the screen), equivalent to over and then back into the metal tube, Close the plastic cover.
D. hold the bottom end of paintings of hand-pulled, out of "roll up" annular end face bolt, the picture is slowly incorporated into the "roll up" inside (Note: must first grab bars and screen paintings , then pull off).
E. When used, will be placed on "Roll" out of the triple rod connected to one end of the metal rod inserted in the "roll up" triangular plastic openings, and then slowly draw pictures, the paintings of the hook, Hook the top of the metal connecting rod can be.
F. To replace the screen, the picture is pulled out, the original mounting holes with a pin inserted into the fixed frame, and then repeat steps A through D operation can be. 80cmx200cm Roll Screen Size: 79x200cm (Note: The top of the screen size blank side 1cm, bottom left 2cm)
A. Remove the roll to come up among the main strut;
B. Roll the bottom two brackets to open it upright on the ground;
C. The main strut and bottom bracket installed;
D. netting screen connected it with the main strut;
E. adjustments to the installation of the screen, to make it smooth and beautiful.
A. As the temperature around the reasons, the picture is likely to cause slight curl on both sides, it is recommended screen in a long time when not in use, place the screen away preservation; addition, for the roll up screen curl problems, after years of development improvements, has not there will be a similar problem.
B. Roll is for indoor use promotional materials, should not be used outdoors, such as the temporary promotional needs indeed, some of the best selection of good quality roll up the base, and preferably in the open roll after roll up stand Behind some heavy pressure; ensure no damage to the product.
Common sizes are:
80cm × 200cm
85cm × 200cm
90cm × 200cm
100cm × 200cm
120cm × 200cm
Also can be customized to their needs to us

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