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Outdoor advertising law before the highest penalty of 2,000 yuan, low-cost illegal, so repeated, without any deterrent

2013/8/1      view:

Buildings balcony mess hanging banner ads, window glass Luantie advertising, balcony unauthorized kangaroo LED scrolling advertising screen ...... law enforcement officers repeatedly come to call for the dismantling, businesses can always refuse to open the door with a variety of pretexts, have the "do nothing" mentality refuses to dismantle. Yesterday morning, in order to purify the building advertising chaos, Nanning Municipal Urban Management Bureau inspectors detachment spent 70 Ton crane, will send staff into the basket altitude, the implementation of the illegal demolition of building advertising. It is the first time in Nanning chased the man on the high-altitude crane removal of illegal advertising, advertising on illegal buildings resolutely combat.
Action: give it away with a crane to remove the high-altitude
Day 9:30, the reporter went to see Yuexiu Road Hyatt International Community, the outermost cell of a row of buildings near the road, and its balconies are facing the street, on the first floor for shops, second floor above the multi-residential housing. However, there are many families on the balcony guardrail hanging around with banner ads, banner printing some with banners, some with artificial handwritten content for: afternoon care, tutoring, slimming care. In addition, some rooms have glass windows, window stickers advertising their ad text directly attached to the glass. Buildings throughout the house toward the road, due to advertising chaos, from the bottom up is very uncoordinated, unsightly.
Advertising in the building below, Municipal Urban Management Bureau is organizing urban management law enforcement officers detachment removal company, the use of a 70-tonnage cranes, crane hook lifting lived under a basket, two demolition personnel protective rope fastened into the basket, the start the next crane will remove the personnel sent altitude. Crane operator on the basis of building a balcony with illegal advertising position, accurate to the balcony in front of the basket, and then, gondola eleven removal staff can be messy hanging on the balcony, window banner ads removed. More than 10 minutes of time, it will be more than 10 illegal advertising banners removed.
According to the urban management personnel, the crane arm length can be extended 60 meters high, generally 10 multi-storey high building illegal advertising, can be used to implement the crane dismantled.
Reason: no choice after being refused several times
In the demolition site, the uncommon use of urban management department staff sent altitude crane to demolish demolition of illegal advertising, some of the crossing of people gathered to watch. Why so scaled?
"Today is the first time we spend crane to demolish illegal buildings in advertising." According to the Municipal Urban Management Bureau inspectors detachment deputy brigade commander Huangshi Liang told reporters, Yuexiu Road Hyatt International residential building advertising chaos more serious, mainly in the form of advertising banners, window stickers, LED, small signs, etc., for the business set up these buildings illegal advertising, they repeatedly through advertising on the telephone contact businesses or home to find businesses and even residential property through negotiation requires businesses to dismantle, demolish them due to enter the balcony building advertising needs from the house to enter, but businesses do not always open the door to all kinds of excuses not dealt with, the urban management department secretly broke into homes of local residents have no right to dismantle illegal advertising on the balcony.
It is reported that a number of illegal buildings before demolition in advertising, urban management department has been through the "Spider-Man" type of person to put the roof down and the implementation of demolition, but considering the Yuexiu Road Hyatt International Community to put the roof suitable sling down, crane hire date only removed through the basket to send staff on the implementation of high-altitude removal.
"A banner ad costs only twenty or thirty dollars, we have come through the high-altitude crane dismantling costs a few thousand dollars, just like a cannon to the same swatting is no choice." Urban management officers said.
Remediation: Each illegal advertisements can be fined 2,000 yuan up
Huangshi Liang introduced the day Yuexiu Road demolished buildings Excelle international community ads, urban management officers will patrol again, if the inspections were found to have set up business again banner advertising, public security departments will jointly make further investigation. According to "Nanning outdoor advertising regulations" provisions set an illegal banner ads, the maximum penalty of 2,000 yuan.
It is understood that the day detachment Municipal Urban Management Bureau of Urban Management law enforcement officers were deployed brigade, removal company more than 20 people on the road, Yuexiu district illegal building advertising Hyatt International to force removal, demolition area of 77 square meters, of which the international community 18 Excelle banner ads , 54 m2; window stickers 2, 6 m2; House of steel billboards 2, 8 m2; dismantle LED display 1, 3 m2; Xinlong steel structure residential building body a billboard , 4 m2; banner ads 1, 2 m2.
Another reporter learned from the Municipal Urban Management Detachment, after earlier large-scale outdoor urban management departments to increase the high bar illegal billboards revamp the current illegal billboards far fewer high bar, the current ads are mostly illegal building advertising. The inspection found that, in addition to building advertising Yuexiu Road chaos more serious, the current in the East Village intersection Gege sinks East International, dongge Long Lake intersection Lingnan home building advertising chaos also more serious, the next step, urban management departments The forced removal of its implementation.