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    1 piece of let a person shine at the moment the guideposts

    2013/10/14      view:
    > Jason: [U2 and taken] a let a person shine at the moment the signpost < br > < br > < br > location: hangzhou lake the ring road near xiao feng crossing < br > remind to signpost revealed the gate number on trademark, it is certainly a novelty for hangzhou. As early as four or five years, I have seen such a humanized signpost in Shanghai, but up to now in hangzhou this version should be belong to go up, because it also suggests the road on both sides of the picture. The problem. Praise is a word, hope to speed up the popularization. < br > PS: but if it seems there is a problem with spray painting, ring road east gate number grades show many drivers would feel, no. 1-606 only in wulin road, west of the east of wulin road as if is the other way. Panyu colour painting company tianma print department provides simulation oil painting, ji abstract oil paintings, Yi Labao, X exhibition frame, light cloth paper lamination light piece, truss stage rental, high precision spray paint processing, KT boards. 24 hours service hotline 020-84857348, single post, transparent back glue, advertising promotions, posters, PP gum, gum, light piece of print machine print cloth print price for background plate | | plastics plastics