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China PSAs aired more than 90 million times throughout the year leading to the most important people

2013/7/22      view:

China's public service ads broadcast throughout the year 90 ten thousand voyage to the heart is the most important

During the Spring Festival in 2013, a "home" as the theme of public service ads aired by CCTV 538 times and attracted nearly 800 million viewers. A caring mother's public service ads aired more than 1100 times, impressed the audience of 600 million. The learning lei feng's series of public service ads broadcast 8000 times in a row, there are 100 million people in the audience are teenagers.
, hosted by the central civilization office, China central television public service ads BBS and experience exchange meeting, deputy director of state general administration of press and publication, radio and television field in said that by the end of 2013, the country's 31 provincial satellite TV channels broadcast throughout the year the amount of public service ads is expected to reach 910000 TiaoCi, broadcast the total length of more than 100000 minutes. How to play the influence of public service ads, reaching to the very important topic of audience heart become media to achieve public welfare.