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    The consumption of 480 million ads market value indicates 480 million money

    2013/10/14      view:
    > in recent days, a television station reported the company 08 4.8 billion yuan in one hundred online advertising "has been questioned, no small colorful actuating the industry. In more than one hundred questioned the company's advertising strategy, at the same time also to declare this report presentation of CR - Nielsen enterprises (Nielsen China joint venture) led to a certain influence, this reporter related to CR - Nielsen, head of the communication, to get clear admitted as described below. < br > many television stations reported in the company of one hundred '08 "has been questioned 4.8 billion yuan in online advertising, the article claims that CR - Nielsen announced the 2008 years of China's Internet advertising market plunged advertisers places & hellip; & hellip; Domestic famous dating website company in one hundred to 4.8 billion yuan of Internet advertising than China mobile, such as li ning, double star ranked first. And this kind of thing, "she said with CR - Nielsen report statement runs counter to the original, value concept for the report statements made improper understanding and use of the specific conditions as follows: < br > (CR - Nielsen report stated the original), the Internet advertising market in 2008, plunged advertisers to advertise the advertisement market value of 6.2 billion yuan, 472 one hundred percent of the market for the group. There, Top5 advertisers make for the company in one hundred, li ning, chinahr, binary and at positions, advertising into the market value of 4.8 billion yuan, 3.4 billion yuan, 3 billion yuan, 2.9 billion yuan and 3 billion yuan. < br > it is obvious that the crux of the problem is whether the advertisement market value is equal to the consumption of advertising money amount. CR - Nielsen, head points out: advertising market value is the advertising effect evaluation practice of industry, is a comprehensive thinking asked spray painting subject to AD views and made on the basis of the overall cost of each market, each market cost of uniform every one thousand times the exposure (CPM) based on uniform cost in the local market. This index is not expected to show the amount of advertising the actual buying and selling merchandise, but used to assess the value of advertising shall be reasonable or after initiation, use will be to information for evaluating the market potential and television advertising based on price. < br > in popular culture, advertising market value range of actual consumption of money, but to the value of their advertising exhibition, is the CR - Nielsen follow China online advertising CPM (one thousand people browse costs) uniform KanLi price amount of exposure, advertising, television, advertising placement and so on several key indicators of evaluation value. Is online advertising spending CPM a standard style continued, but the exposure quantity is still finish online advertising effect is one of the basic indicators, so use CPM assessment has generality. In widespread exist in the actual buying and selling goods discount, AD exchange, financial returns, the transconductance in the flow, so even if there are two advertisers are in the same position, put the same size of advertisement, and received the same exposure effect, the actual consumption money also can have differences. Like procter & gamble has become CCTV companies spend 4.2 billion yuan, is not such as the advertising market value is 4.2 billion yuan. , CR - Nielsen reports statement refers to the advertising market value 4.8 billion yuan also is not to say that the company spent 4.8 billion yuan in one hundred AD spending. < br > CR - Nielsen, head also expressed, CR - Nielsen announced "the year of 2008 China's Internet advertising market a summary" involved in numerical from CR - Nielsen online advertising AdRelevance checking evaluation system. In order to ensure early in numerical, advertisements for any site AdRelevance daily through the formalities of spider grab the latest advertising initiatives, and pass by advertising links to analyze the advertisers (who in advertising), after delivery address analysis television station sites where (ads), evaluation on the exposure preliminary estimate and a series of indicators of network advertising credits according to make evaluation. There's no way to obtain samples of the values are not may be used to count the, more won't show it in the report stated, and the actual consumption of each advertiser money belonging obviously there's no way to help achieve numerical category of CR - Nielsen, head of the proposal, because the understanding of the indicators have deviation, a television reported on numerical made may cause a variety of means, and misunderstood the original report presentation internal substance. 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