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    Five kinds of the most common way of network video file advertising greatly enhance the interaction of _

    2013/10/14      view:
    > for decades, 30 seconds BiaoBan advertising is the most common way of advertising in the TV ads, but in the Internet video file, advertising way. In may this year, the year before and interaction advertising bureau (InteractiveAdvertisingBureau) and Microsoft, Google and yahoo, 140 Internet enterprises cooperation, unveiled five kinds of the most common way of advertising network video file. < br > there is a little way with TV advertising window, a little extra has greatly enhanced the interaction. < br > the PRE - ROLL advertisements < br > users on the Internet deliberately look at a program or a video file before, will see a painting period of 15 seconds or 30 seconds of advertising, namely former ads, sometimes spots on the middle (ads), and completion and broadcast (ads). Sometimes, to click on ads can open a new website or page. < br > advantage: television advertisers knew clearly the best advertising way, in order to achieve success in the network, they do not need to do many changes on advertising. At the same time, so far as the main way of video files advertising, advertisers can pass before the quantity in web site on the ads to achieve the objective, all aspects of advertising audience receive money in writing. < br > disadvantage: no patience spots special circumstances make the local audience, they just want to spend a little time to see a simple video file. At the same time, this way of advertising can't be beautiful display of user interaction. INTERACTIVE advertising < br > < br > INTERACTIVE means before sowing, sowing or in the ads at the same time supply after the interaction between elements, such as decompression code or securities to broadcast machine, or play a little game. If the users to participate in, these AD time will be more than 15 or 30 seconds. < br > advantage: highly customized, will use impression of brand initiation is very strong, compared to the first kind of way of advertising, sometimes for advertisers supply most of the advertising audience more data. < br > weak: not all video files website support this way of advertising, and in some cases, this way also can be the audience as a kind of indispensable to don't disturb. Cover advertising < br > < br > OVERLAY the split-second appear at the top of the video file or image advertising, or at the bottom of the book is roughly similar to common television subtitles. When a user pointed to the mouse or click on ads, will pop up more wide advertisement, or open a new website. < br > advantage: don't interrupt the user specifically see process, because this is considered by many sites and appropriate use. At the same time, many TV viewers are already very habit this way of advertising, because this also become advertisers in web advertising from time to time to choose the standard style. < br > disadvantage: a bit of a user will cover ads to try a kind of trouble, and sometimes, they cover advertising as advertising, it is hard to think that they are only shows a small group of target. < br > INVITATION to invite advertising < br > and cover roughly similar, but simple information will no longer appear in the actual video file playback the pint of the window instead of at the top. < br > advantage: not like cover advertising that disturb users, but let the audience and can help influence the purpose, and in their most likely to click on the moment. < br > disadvantage: unlike cover advertising that appearance, was widely considered a suitable website and use, and easy to be careless users. < br > < br > COMPANION along with advertising and video file playback window out of the stillness of the horizontal batch advertising at the same time, choose the type of advertising is commonly providers, they will also cover advertisements or advertisements and other way of advertising. < br > advantage: along with the advertisement in the video file playback is respectfully to users in the whole process of brand information, and invited them to click on ads Egypt advertisers website, or pop-up Windows. < br > disadvantage: not all video files play window for along with ads have advertising, because this is only in financing activities specified in the particular. Panyu colour painting company tianma print department provides simulation oil painting, ji abstract oil paintings, Yi Labao, X exhibition frame, light cloth paper lamination light piece, truss stage rental, high precision spray paint processing, KT boards. 24 hours service hotline 020-84857348, single post, transparent back glue, advertising promotions, posters, PP gum, gum, light piece of print machine print cloth print price for background plate | | plastics plastics