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    4 trillion to rescue "light up" reflective film

    2013/10/14      view:
    > country 4 trillion economic stimulus plan are implemented very much, under the environment of the financial tsunami, the kingdom this exciting program help and all over the country provinces and cities 20 trillion yuan or so exciting follow-up of the economy. World bank senior vice President and chief economist Justin yifu Lin in a few days ago to accept the "daily economic news" search expression, 4 trillion fiscal stimulus plan will help very much of China's economy increase rate keep to 8 ~ 9 one hundred percent one hundred percent. < br > which some companies, which have some industry quickly debugging, debugging, debugging, investment structure, thinking clues docking with the support of the 4 trillion RMB, get the carrying on in the winter? So far, a prophet of the company, has been in various fields in order to harvest, 4 trillion yuan of conduction effect are revealed one by one. < br > 4 trillion yuan investment plan, have 18 trillion yuan in railways, roads and airports and other major infrastructure construction, which makes the company in the field of business opportunities, even accounts for less than a one hundred percent of the total cost of the investment reflective film business, very stimulating effect also feel to it. < br > this is an unprecedented development opportunity, 4 trillion yuan investment plan is passed more than a month, but we have feeling to it. 3 m of the world's top 500 enterprises of China corporate logo and traffic safety department of the general manager to the "daily economic news" Yang Tong. < br > business: reflective film orders increase < br > in 2007, 24.5 billion dollars is the 3 m company sell all over the world, increased by nearly 7 one hundred percent than last year's achievements, there, 3 m enterprise's high speed road reflective material's market share has more than 70 one hundred percent. 3 m China limited enterprise business department has seven business group, there is sprayed pictures, logos and traffic safety department of equipment investment is 18 trillion yuan and the infrastructure relating to the most close of business. < br > 4 trillion yuan plan once implemented, achievement of the enterprise is how to improve? < br > recently because of the traffic infrastructure investment, turnover is higher, become the first batch of 4 trillion investment effect benefit the company. More early more order, payment, the original time limit for a project can be done earlier or accelerate, financing status also improved. Yang Tong said. < br > 4 trillion to 3 m company investment is not just a business, but also the go up of product structure. The reporter understands, once a customer always feel the price is too high for high technology products, in the selection process has certain concerns, but these days a few months, 3 m company found, more and more customers choose high-grade products, products structure preferential treatment level and the development direction of advanced conversion is superficial. This explanation can see you have more confidence to invest in, and are willing to use more cost-effective products, unlike once blindly impairment charges, the idea of change we have feeling arrive. < br > the kingdom 4 trillion yuan investment plan, nearly half the investment will be used in railways, roads, airports and urban and rural power grid construction, so we are very concerned about to look at. Yang Tong feel, not the investment will increase, how to work better use of money, there are many work to do. This is the opportunity and challenge, how to turn challenges into opportunities, are we going to do in the office. < br > is reflective film orders to increase so far, but Yang Tong think, due to the traffic safety signs back to reach the standard can be opened to traffic in the street before installation, so time is backward, and then the achievement ability more enough. < br > confidence: the continuous safe improve < br > under the world financial crisis, a sudden deterioration of all walks of life to save the life background, 3 m can improve and maintain achievement? < br > the short chain reaction must be yes, a little market suffered, however because of the financial storm in China is really show up in the first spring, summer, autumn and winter in the fourth quarter, so we haven't seen so far is particularly apparent signs, and the first three quarters we still to several times the speed of GDP progress at a high speed. Yang Tong said the world financial crisis, the more deep, more effective, but we still have confidence, as in the past also to overcome the difficult, maintain continuous improve safe. < br > in 3 m company's view, the financial crisis is a very negative, but if master well, it often can make the enterprise stronger, and a little necessities innovation, daily doesn't value quality and service, financial status of various fit small enterprise will have been out of date. Because of this, the financial crisis is essentially a process of evolution, the more we see is a good opportunity. < br > because speaking country increased the investment this year, as well as the basic body of the countries with the progress of economy, traffic safety awareness growing, 3 m logo and traffic safety department has stepped onto the healthy progress of the track, while $4 trillion plan to better boost the direction of progress. < br > proposal: < br > add logo marking investment for 3 m company, the most concern is the 4 trillion to and quality, expect country 4 trillion yuan investment plan, to increase the investment proportion of identification marking. < br > it is learned that logo marking is a very low cost treatment method of the hand-eye and traffic management, and its cost is less than 1 one hundred percent of road construction cost. According to count, so far our country more than 350 km of the road net, there are more than 150 km of road basically not whatever the traffic safety signs marking. About 10 one hundred percent of the road of our country has logo marking light Settings, 80 one hundred percent of the road is very lack, there were almost no logo marking half way. In many developed countries, traffic safety reflective material cost is very high, such as Sweden, the Netherlands, annual per capita consumption of about $1, Tokyo is more than 80 ten thousand, the amount of traffic signs and the big cities are rarely more than 100000 pieces. The group said officer Yang, director of strategic plan and government affairs. < br > worth noting that in the sun every year as a result of traffic accidents, injuries and death accident than whatever man-made disaster, natural disasters around the world each year, 1.2 million die in traffic accidents, additional and more than 5000 ten thousand people died as a result of traffic accident disability, there 85 one hundred percent occur in the degree of progress in China, all of this with the lack of progress in China's poor road conditions, traffic signs, traffic safety, vehicle performance nearly related to factors such as the relationship between the understanding of the law rules. < br > today is to build more than 100 km of road to shut, still said that the existing of the 3.5 million km road with more matter? This is our most concern at. Officer, Yang said. < br > country investment increase, the related departments to more and more respect, the rate of traffic safety, environmental protection, the application of traffic signs and safety equipment, this explanation understand what we are doing in the past 20 years of office and marketing strategies are accurate. Yang Tong said. Panyu colour painting company tianma print department provides simulation oil painting, ji abstract oil paintings, Yi Labao, X exhibition frame, light cloth paper lamination light piece, truss stage rental, high precision spray paint processing, KT boards. 24 hours service hotline 020-84857348, single post, transparent back glue, advertising promotions, posters, PP gum, gum, light piece of print machine print cloth print price for background plate | | plastics plastics